Aspen Gallery Show

A culminating experience of Raw Gnar.
It started with Tacos and ends with Tacos.
January 8th-February 11th 2014 at the Aspen Chapel Gallery a real live
Golden Taco bar & home made carnitas taco bar.

Gnar Bar


Throw yourself a shaka sometime and don't tell me it doesn't 
look like a taco holder.

Wearing my mom's old Huipil and a sweet name tag

if water had wings

the beginning of a series
surfing goddesses, madonnas, light bearers



melt the ice with your innerspiration. Fly free 
we are waiting to warm our spirits by your fire

Eco Glue

first run of water based eco contact cement 
for a sustainable sole

east to west coasters

utilizing leather scraps for fun times
leather coasters
email madelyn.sullivan@gmail.com for your set of 4 for $20
$6/single coaster

making session

 arrowhead technology 

 for big and small

party favors


water ways

grizzly water bearer


the many waves of being